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McKinney Landscaping is proud to present a gallery of photographs related to completed projects. The pictures convey the varieties of work done as well as the scope of the projects. Click once, on any picture to see a full screen display of the picture then, use the browser back button to return to the web page.

Construction pictures

       Before & after Saga
The owners of this property had some 10 years ago retaining walls installed using wooden railroad ties. McKinney Landscaping was asked to re-engineer the site protecting the property from mud slide damage and to upgrade the appearance.  McKinney Landscaping suggested a double retaining wall with proper drainage and a planter to enhance the appearance of the property.
Before - Demolishing what was there... Trenching for lower wall footing installation
Footings installed and lower wall in place Upper wall in place, ground water drainage under construction Walls and Landscaping complete. Another Happy Customer!

McKinney Landscaping was  asked to transfer a backyard stream into a pond requiring the construction of retaining walls and flood control. To the left is part of the extensive field stone retaining wall we built. In the foreground is the original stream. To the right and at the end of the pond, we built a spillway dam and one way gates

            Pond Retaining Wall


Spillway and water level control

water level control system. We do railroad tie walls, bordering and stair way construction. To the left is a stairway built from treated wood ties to get from a hill site to a lake front dock site. The boat dock to the right was built from cedar treaded planking and ties into the stair way landing. 

Cedar Stairway

  Cedar Boat Dock

 We design/build patios and terraces using flag  stone, slate or blue stone or any other stone or Unilock  you may want. To the left a blue stone patio under construction. Crushed stone on top of stone dust assures proper drainage and reduces possible winter damage. To the right, the installation of cut blue stone in progress. 

Field Stone Wall Construction   Patio Bluestone Installation
  We create water gardens, ponds and miniature cascading water falls with or without complementing landscaping. The picture to the left shows a stone wall providing privacy and security. To the right a nearly completed stone retaining wall.

Wall in Progress

▼ A variety of Elegant Stone Work ▼

     Retaining Wall

Field Stone Retaining Walls

Field Stone Walls and Plantings

Field Stone Designs and Fountains

Stone Veneer Walk &    Steps       

     Cut stone Stairs             

Belgian Block & Stone - Landscaping Edging Examples

Unilock Retaining Wall

Cut Stone Patio & River Rock

Unilock Walk

Unilock Steps

Field Stone Retaining Wall

 Pool Landscaping

Stone Edged Planting

Stone Veneer landing & Walk

Unilock Retaining Wall

Flag Stone Steps & Box Wall

Unilock Retaining Wall

Flag Stone Entrance Steps


Unilock Terrace with Circle design


Unilock Patio

Flag Stone Walk

Unilock Terrace with Fire Pit

Flag Stone Entrance Walk

For those who want the finest, we build patio fire- places and matching barbe que pits. We construct stone bordered planting areas complimenting the surroundings in order to achieve an plesing setting.

Cultured Stone Fireplace & Patio

Click 2x on picture to enlarge

Outdoor Kitchen

Unilock Wall & Patio

Perimeter landscaping

Patio & Fireplace, Panoramic View

We do store entrance improvement constructing side walks and welcome areas complimenting building architecture and enhancing real-estate values.

Storefront enhancement

Click 2x on picture to enlarge

Project under construction

Unilock Walls & Stairs

Unilock Steps

Unilock cast cement units lock to each other to form sturdy solid and decorative walls for many applications.

Unilock Patio

Patio Retaining Wall


Barbeque Backside & Bench


Barbeque Center

Backyard entertainment centers are the pinnacle of home barbequing. Complete with as many accessories as desired, you ask, we build the best!

Backyard Entertainment Center


Serving/Conversation Corner

   Hillside Plantings providing

privacy for swimming pools and  backyard patio centers
To the left, retaining wall and "Step-up" to facilitate hill side scaling. To the right, bulk-head fencing to provide backyard privacy.

Retaining Wall & "Step-up"


Backyard privacy


Basket ball Court


Stone Walk side Plantings


Corner Planter Design

Right, base for "Outdoor Kitchen" under construction Left, Grill, Oven and Sink installed. The assembly is nearing completion.
Outdoor Kitchen Construction   Equipment Installed
Stone Walk-Tapered Landing    Stone Walk-Circular Landing    Stone Patio 

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